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Green Design Lab Energy Challenge

For NYC Public Schools: Thank you for your interest in joining the Green Design Lab Energy Challenge, sponsored by the NYC Department of Education Office of Sustainability. During the 3 month challenge – December through February– the whole school community works together to save electricity and reduce the school’s greenhouse gas footprint. Solar One works with Con Edison to collect data from your school’s electrical meter. Solar One looks at the total amount of electrical consumption for the 3 month period and compares it to the buildings previous two year’s consumption. This way you are only competing against yourself! You will be sent monthly updates to see the results of your electricity saving efforts. The ten schools with the largest percent reduction of electricity will each receive a $5000 cash prize! Last year the 143 participating schools had an average reduction of over 9%. Registration for this years challenge has closed. Check back for results and information on next years challenge.

For Other Network School Members: Green Design Lab can help your school start its own energy challenge and energy awareness campaign! For assistance, please contact us.