A Sustainability Program for a Greener Healthier School


The Green Design Lab™ is an in-depth curriculum and program focused on greening New York City schools.  The Green Design Lab™ (GDL) curriculum looks at the school building as both a laboratory for learning and a tool for environmental change. Using a creative approach to problem solving, K-12th grade students participate in activities that incorporate science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to explore and then implement what they have learned by saving energy and creating school-wide sustainability projects.

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DIRECT PROGRAM DELIVERY- NYC schools have the opportunity to participate in the Green Design Lab™ program by purchasing Green Design Lab™ Direct Program Delivery. During the program, Solar One educators work with school staff on-site for 6-8 weeks to deliver the curriculum, support school-wide sustainability projects, and engage the entire school community to reduce energy use. Learn more about how to bring a Solar One educator at your school by emailing us: education@solar1.org

CURRICULUM AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT- The Green Design Lab curriculum is divided into 5 units that focus on Energy, Air, Water, Food and Materials.  Each unit is 10 lessons long and comes in a k-5 and 6-9 version. CleanTech, Solar One’s 10-12 grade curriculum, expands on the core concepts of the existing Green Design Lab™ curriculum with more advanced and technical content. It introduces students to the CleanTech industry through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) focused reading material, research projects and hands-on labs. Solar One provides opportunities for teachers to participate in free professional development training on GDL and CleanTech on NYC designated citywide staff development days. Solar One also offers customized PD training for schools, to learn more please email us: education@solar1.org

AEL boiler tour(2)SUSTAINABLE SCHOOLS NETWORK- To provide more schools with Green Design Lab™ programming we have our Sustainable Schools Network (SSN). The SSN is a resource to assist sustainability initiative in schools. Membership in the Green Design Lab Sustainable Schools Network (SSN) provides access to curriculum and services that engage students, teachers, custodians and staff in reducing energy use in their school building while learning about sustainability and emerging green technology.

Interested in joining the network?
NYC Public Schools: NYC Network
All Other Schools: National Network

ENERGY CHALLENGE- To inspire and encourage energy savings, Green Design Lab™ schools compete in an exciting Energy Challenge. Participating schools compare their current electrical use to their usage in previous years.  Cash Prizes are awarded to the schools with the greatest savings. The Energy Challenge is a fun and dynamic way for schools to put Green Design Lab™ lessons into practice and show the entire school community how sustainability fits into everyday life!