A Sustainability Program for a Greener, Healthier School

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The Green Design Lab™ curriculum is divided into 5 units that focus on Energy, Air, Water, Food and Materials.  Each unit is 10 lessons long and comes in a k-5 and 6-9 version. CleanTech, Solar One’s 10-12 grade curriculum, expands on the core concepts of the existing Green Design Lab™ curriculum with more advanced and technical content. For more information download our one pager here. If you are already a member, click here for our curriculum downloads.

Sustainable Schools Network

The Sustainable Schools Network is a resource to assist sustainability initiatives in schools. Membership in the Green Design Lab Sustainable Schools Network (SSN) provides access to curriculum and services that engage the school community in reducing energy use in their school building while learning about sustainability and emerging green technology. For more information download our one pager here.

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Interested in joining the network?

NYC Public Schools: NYC Network
All Other Schools: National Network

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Professional Development Training

Solar One provides opportunities for teachers to participate in professional development training through our Sustainable Schools Network. During a PD training, Solar One educators lead teachers in hands-on activities and labs from the Green Design Lab and Clean Tech curriculum. For more information on PD’s in NYC visit our NYC Network page. Please email education[at]solar1[dot]org if you are interested in setting up a customized PD outside of NYC.